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Living at home with my parents means mom still does my laundry, I tend to take this for granted but i've been house sitting for a couple of weeks which has meant i've been doing my own washing. So i've been separating the colours and having to wash my work dresses separate to the rest of my washing .... effortt!! So the Laundrapp sounded so simple they collect your laundry wash it and then deliver it back to you!

I used the app to order. First of all you have to make an account and pop in your personal details for payment etc, It saves this information so next time is super speedy! Then you pick the service you want, I went for Wash and Fold which is a laundry service they offer. It's £15* for 8kg of washing which is about 1.5 loads in a standard machine. I just filled up a decent size carrier bag which seemed to be fine. On the app it does state that they bring a laundry bag for you to fill but they just took the New Look bag I popped my laundry in.  Then you pick your collection date and time slot and then you can arrange your delivery for 48 hours later and then place your order, Use the promocode 'AMYPYT' and get £10 off your order.

There's so many services to choose from, they do some special offers which are great and come up on the front page of the app so you can't miss them! You can pick individual items so if you had a particular dress that you needed dry cleaning you would pick the dress option that fits. The app is really easy to use. You add the options to your basket and place your order, easy! Then Laundrapp will do the rest, they collect your items and deliver them nice and clean to your door.

They follow the care labels on your clothing so your products should be safe, if you have any requests etc just let them know, there's a box for any special instructions on the basket page. If they have any issues etc they will call you or leave a note on any items. For example one of my tops had some marks on which I knew wouldn't come out in the wash, they left a note on saying they felt if they kept trying to remove the mark it would damage the product. I thought this was great that they went to the effort to leave a note on the item.

The slots for collection and delivery vary depending on your area but there's slots throughout the whole day and each slot is an hour so you don't have to wait in at home all day waiting for your delivery, you can plan it around your life. You can amend your order on the app aswell, so I had to change my delivery time and it was so easy to do, just make sure you save and amend the order.

The app has timeline so you can keep track of you order so you know they have marked it as collected and in progress etc. For delivery again the slots are an hour which is really convenient.
I got a phone call just before my delivery slot from Laundrapp because they were having some problems with delivery drivers so asked if they could reschedule delivery. I was actually house sitting so wasn't going to be at home so needed to find out if someone would be in however they said they could deliver it to where I was house sitting which made it easier for me and meant it didn't affect my moms morning either.

The the items were delivered by a friendly lady at the time we had agreed, they were delivered in plastic Laundrapp bags, hung nice and neat, ready to hang straight into the wardrobe.

The items look clean and are tumble dried, they looked really good like they had been ironed, some of my items were really creased before but they looked so nice and straight. ( i don't really know how to describe ironed clothes haha)

I was really happy with the service I received from Laundrapp, the app is so easy to use and a great value for money. The staff were really friendly and helpful and I feel they communicated with me really well about my order. I think they could do with more delivery drivers in Birmingham as this did affect my delivery options but I feel Laundrapp did everything they could to deliver my items.

You can visit to check if they deliver to your area, they currently deliver to London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Solihull .

The app is avaliable on the Apple App Store and from GooglePlay


disclosure:  i have been paid for this post and also laundrapp offered their service to me free of charge, this blog post is honest and truthful and all my own words and opinions...  

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