dress: Boohoo* // Bikini: Freya // Sandals: Zara 

It's summer so that means holidays and summer fashion trends! The bikinis are out and so are the hotpants! I've started to love my body again and i've become so much more confident! I recently started eating more healthily and just making sensible decisions and I've watched the pounds drop off! I'm not being really strict but i'm just more aware of what I eat and drink. I've lost a stone and a half since January and i'm so proud of myself. I picked up a dress in a Medium the other day and it was too big I bought the small and I have dresses in a size 10 again. I know i'm not some stick thin model but im happy being me. Theres always going to be changes i'd like to make, but for now im feeling so positive about myself. We are going to Ibiza in September and i'm really looking forward to wearing Bikinis and little dresses and feeling confident. I had so much fun taking these photos of this gorgeous Boohoo beach dress, it's been really sunny and i've been in my garden this afternoon sunbathing. I added some salt spray to my hair to give it that beach wave effect and applied minimal make up. We had a nice little picnic and had an ice cream whilst just chilling in the sun.

*In Collaboration with Boohoo.com

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