The Lee Stafford WonderBall WaVer is a really unusual looking hair tool. Its like a tong with balls which are used the create a wavy beach look. 

The tong comes with a heat proof mat and a heatproof glove. Its really easy to use once you get used to it. I found it abit tricky to hold. You wrap your hair around the tong and hold it for a couple of seconds and when you let go you have amazing beach tousled hair. It's amazing and so easy ! I have other curlers but they curl my hair whereas the Wonderball Waver gives you amazing beach waves. 

I think it's really easy to use and you can quickly add a few waves to your hair to make it look abit different or you could add waves to all of your hair. Spray in some salt spray for that beach hair effect. 

The Wonderball Waver heats up really fast and the barrel is infused with Argan Oil so your hair is soft and shiny. 

The Wonderball Waver Retails at £30* which I think is a great price, its available here on the Lee Stafford website

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