I think business cards are great, they are definitely an essential for any blogger or creative. When I first started out my blog I bought some business cards because I went to alot of blog events and found them really handy to pass out to other bloggers. I don't tend to go to many blog events now and most of the ones I do go to I tend to know alot of the bloggers already. I used to be an Art student aswell, I recently graduated but throughout my course I found having business cards crucial. They make you appear professional! You have all of your contact information handy for anyone who may need it. You could meet an investor in your field or someone who just so happens to love your art work, and instead of jotting your number down on a scrap of paper that they might loose you can give them one of your fancy business cards that they can pop in their wallet. My cards are quite plain and clean, but you can use the space to suit you, I had images of my art work on my university business cards which makes they more appealing to people. I had a card holder next to my work at my degree show and so many people took my card, this can open up opportunities with people who like your work or are looking for people to work with.

I'm really happy with the quality of my business cards from,* the card is a decent thickness and they look so clean and professional. I chose a matte finish but they also do a gloss finish. They offer a great selection of prints aswell, the business cards start at 100 - 5000 prints depending on the quantity you need.

Right now are offering 20% off on all orders and already offer free delivery on orders over £50. They have fast delivery, and even offer next day delivery if you order before 11am on some items. Fastprint also print banners, leaflets and many more products.

I'm so happy with my new business cards,  I always have some in my purse and my friends and family have them handy in their wallets incase theres ever a chance someone is looking for a blogger to work with.


*pr sample.

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