I like to think my Brows are pretty good! I get compliments about my eyebrows all the time and even the lady at benefit says I have perfect brows! I thought i'd share some of my favourite brow products right now!

I've used brow kits for awhile, I love how everything is all together in a compact and its so simple and easy to use. I'm loving this Soap and Glory one right now! It's really straightforward so anyone can get perfect brows with this. You start with the Gel and apply this to the brow and then apply the powder over the gel for that statement brow. This kit even contains an arch highlighter to define the brow even more. I think this kit is well worth £12* its so easy to use and you create a natural brow for everyday or a more defined brow if you prefer.

I love my Anastasia Brow products! I got these whilst I was in America and I know I will be buying these again! I start by using the Brow Wiz Pencil to get the fine line and draw the shape I desire I then use the brush part of the pencil to brush the hairs upwards and smudge the line in so it looks more natural. I then use the Dipbrow Pomade to fill in the brows. I use my EcoTools Brow brush and start in the middle of the brow, I then apply product to and create my arch and then go back on myself to the start of my brow as this is where I like just a little bit of product.

Another favourite of mine is Eye of Horus brow define* which is really similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Again I use the pencil to define my brow and get the shape right and use the brush to work the product in so my brow appears more natural. The pencil is so easy to use and you get a really good straight line. I use the brush to brush up the hairs which makes it easier to get an idea of the shape you will get when you add your brow product. You can buy Eye of Horus Brow Define at Beauty Bay 


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