I've been loving Primark right now, like seriously there's just so many gorgeous products at affordable prices. The shoes are my favourite, I get through shoes so quickly so Primark is ideal really because they are so cheap. The slip ons were only £12 and they are gorgeous, I really wanted some slip ons and tried them on everywhere! I didn't like any of them but these pointed ones are so much better, the pixie boots are a bargain at £10 I got through 2 or 3 pairs of boots last winter but I don't mind when i'm only paying £10 a pair. The pointed shoes are great, they are good when your out shopping or at work because your feet don't get too hot. I love them I wear them with everything jeans, skirts, dresses. The knitwear is great this year some gorgeous cardigans and jumpers and the coast are the best, i've picked up this gorgeous jacket for £23 what a bargain and then I've also got a cream fluffy coat which was only £25. I tend to shop on the highstreet and I love putting together high street outfits that consist of a few different stores and pop a few primark pieces on. I love this coat and i've had so many compliments about it. I'd say get down to Primark to stock up on a few Autumn/ Winter pieces. 

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