I've been using TRESemme Renewal Hair and Scalp* for a couple of weeks now and I wanted to let you know how i've been getting on with it. 

I used to use TRESemme when I was younger, its what my mom would buy because of the massive bottle and affordable price. Me and my sister would wash our hair way to much so this was a great value for money. I found my hair got greasy really fast, however I now know I shouldn't have been washing my hair so much and I was actually making my hair go greasy quicker because I was washing all of the natural oils out. I now wash my hair every other day or couple of days depending on what i'm doing and if I have any dry shampoo. 

When I read about this range I really wanted to test it, I have a dry scalp and use hydrating hair care products aswell as products for damaged hair. 

The shampoo is lovely, it's really easy to apply and makes the hair feel soft and clean, I rinse and repeat as I do with all shampoo because I use so much product. I wash once to get the products out my hair and then again to cleanse.  It smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. I then follow with the conditioner, apply from mid-length to the ends. I've found my hairs feeling really good and easy to manage. My scalp sometimes flakes but it's been fine since I started using this instead of my Bedhead range. 

I've used the conditioning masque a couple of times, it leaves the hair feeling really soft, I sometimes struggle with masks and treatments because they make my hair greasier but this has left it feeling clean and soft. I've been really impressed with this range, i'd be tempted to try some more of TRESemme's products, i'm not sure if it's just this range that i'm really impressed with or if they have changed their formula since I used it before

*I have been gifted the products featured in this blog post, I am not obliged to blog about the products. I have choose to feature these products and the review is truthful and my own opinions.

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