This year i've decided to take a year out and work part time whilst  I sort out some placements in schools for my work experience and then hopefully apply for a teacher training course. I'm graduating next month and decided to share a few tips and tricks to being a student.

- Take advantage of being a student! Student discount, student shopping events, student bank accounts, these are all things you should be taking advantage of, get yourself an NUS card you get tonnes of discounts, the MyUNiDAYS app is amazing sign up and again get discount. I always check before I eat out or buy something if they offer student discount. You might as well because these perks are only around whilst your studying. Student bank accounts offer lower interests and great overdraft offers. I pay no interest on my overdraft just because i'm a student, you can also get a graduate account which offers similar rates.

- Spend your student loan wisely! If your living in student accommodation chances are your student loan covers your accommodation and your not really left with any change. Use the tips above to see how you can save money. If you live at home like I did during university its exciting when the loan comes in! I used to go on a shopping spree and spend silly money eating out and in Topshop and now  I think back and wonder how I spend over £10,000 and have nothing to show for it. In first year I bought myself my Dslr and a laptop and I still use my camera now, it was a great thing to buy. I'd say make sure you buy things that will benefit your course. A laptop is a must have, if your an art student you will spend so much money on supplies, don't blow your student finance on things you don't need.

- Enjoy it! Being a student is great you go into university and do your work, for me my timetable was pretty flexible as I was an art student. I had a lot of studio time which meant I would usually work from home or have a lie in and roll into uni at 1 or 2 o'clock. There's always something going on, an art exhibitions, student events, cinema nights, societies and sports etc. I lived at home and one thing I regret about university is I didn't do enough things like go out on nights out or join a club or society. When university is over and your working full time it's going to be a shock to the system so enjoy it whilst you can. Say yes to all of the opportunities that come your way!!

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Unknown said...

This is such a lovely post. I started uni in September studying Fashion Journalism and I know your tips will come in handy although I'm fairly sensible when it comes to money haha. Student discount is a huge plus and unidays is a life saver - there's so many stores on there that I had no idea even offered student discount. It's great that you are getting it all out there for everyone who may be unaware.

Did you enjoy your university experience? Would love to hear more about it.

Shannon at