REVIEW; Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heros Range,

most have you have probably heard about these- its the new skin heros range from montagne jeunesse, its specifically for spot prone/ bad pores etc.
as i feel my skins not the best; i have break outs and my skins really oily i decided that i would try them out.

i tried the nose strips first;
they are really easy to use; have alot of stick in them; they smell nice and fruity not chemically.
they didnt irritate my nose. 3x so should last a few weeks; i would imagine they will retail at just over £1 or £2 so a good value for money.
I used superdrugs own brand nose strips and my nose was irritated and i broke out in spots; really happy this didnt happen- will defonatly use again and would reccomend.

Shine Control;
The consistency was really nice - there was plenty of product and it applied to my skin; i put a thick layer on and it dried really fast! after i used this product i was really happy with how bright my skin was and after using the moisturiser my skin was really soft and moisturised- however i didnt really notice any difference in the shine to my skin; its still a nice product

T-zone Peel Off:
Again alot of product; smelled nice - tea tree; which is popular in t-zone/ spot products. the mask peeled off really easily- i liked this because some peel off masks are abit tricky and messy but not this one. dried fast too;
the moisturiser was rather greasy but i used it before i went to bed so i didnt mind.- the moisturiser again had a tea tree scent which i think was a good mood because people do associate tea tree with spot treatments.

Dry Skin Mask;
Abbie (my sister) tried this one out for me;she suffers from eczema and has really dry skin.
It didnt seem to cover her face as thickly as the previous ones did on myself; i dont know if we had didnt applying methods. She kept it on the specified time - it didnt really go as hard as the others either; however her forhead was so soft and smoothe and she said it did releave some of the dry areas of her face.

*havent tried the Breakout mask yet.

Overall the products are nice; they have lovely packaging- the idea of including a moisuriser is clever to lock in the moisture to the skin so the treatment actually works- they smell nice; fruit not chemically. They are nice products to use if you do use spot treatments; however its hard to tell whether they do actually help prevent spots; dirty pores.

I know quite a few people were sent these too so let me know what you thought - link blogs below !


Islay said...

I've done a couple of reviews :) I really liked the nose strips, but I found they made my nose really itchy about half an hour after I took it off?

Jess said...

i've seen a few reviews of these , really wish i could give them a go but I'm allergic to most skin masks. x