i went shopping

dress; primark top; forever 21 earings; forever 21 notebook; paris purse; paris. key necklace; topman

sorry these arnt bigger photos; if you read my blog/ twitter feed you will know ive been having difficulty uploading photos because ive used my allowance; if anyone knows a way around this- ive been using photobucket to upload the url but its only uploading small pictures / help!


all about the girl said...

I really need to take a trip to Forever 21!! Was there lots of goodies to be had?

allaboutthegirlblog.blogspot.com xx

amypyt said...

yeah, i picked up the shirt and picked up loads more but my bank card told me to put a few things down oopps.
i do love forever 21!!

Islay said...

the cream lacey dress is so pretty! I just added your button to my sidebar on my blog, it's really cute! :)


katymitten said...

I spy a beautiful lace item of clothing.x

amypyt said...

Primark ;)

Adora Mehitabel said...

love what you bought

adora xxx


Geneva Garcia said...

Oh I love love love Forever 21! I just went there yesterday and oh my! :)

Oh, and please visit my blog if you have time. (I just posted my F21 wish list)