REVIEW: LUSH breath of fresh air toner water.

100g = £3.75

I've never really used lush before as i never really know what i'm looking for and i think a few things are overpriced.
I heard about this product on a video (cant remember who's :/) and i decided i would give it ago! ive been using it for about a week now and i really do love it.

I've started a new cleansing regime- Ive been using T- zone wipes and then a clean and clear shiny skin cleanser followed by a few spritz' of this and then followed by my monu moisturiser. my skin feels great and its glowy too

the toner smells really nice and makes your face feel really fresh - its nice to put on in the morning to wake you up but also when you are just sitting on your computer or doing work etc its a nice fresh spritz on your face.

I dont know how i feel about the price - its  not alot of product for £4 but then again whats £4?

have you used this or considered trying it? 

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