v festival 2011

as many of you know i went to V festival this weekend. we departed on the thursday right after results... we stayed in a travel lodge on the thursday and went to frankie and bennies.
on the friday morning we went and set up our tent ect..and wondered about the fields.
the acts were so amazing it really was such an experience... for the price of the ticket the line up was amazinggg! i got to watch ALL of RHIANNA <3<3 i watched abit of eminem but he clashed with CALVIN HARRIS and i really wanted to see him so i watched half of both... i loved so many of the performances... thankyou to soriahhh <3 for my free food lolz. i didnt take as many outfit posts as i wanted because i didnt really want to carry my camera around... i tryed to bring just essential things into the arena like tissues and hand sanitiser. the portaloo's actually are not that bad lol. this was my first time camping so it was defo an experience and ive got many more tips now for future festivals and camping trips....
* TENT- in your tent there will be you and your luggage.... me and dan got a two man tent and it was NOWAY big enough... if there is two of you buy a four man tent! Bigger is better!
*FOOD- food and drinks are so expensive.. at V, a burger = £6 bottle of coke =£2 pizza=£6 pancakes=£4.50 a pint =£4 vodka and redbull=£5.... if camping defoo bring a bbq. you can make sarnies in the morning and save money on food when your in the arena but remember the majority of the time you will be in the arena and you cannot bring your own food/drink in.
*FASHION- what you wear is sooo important. bring plenty of shorts and dresses... dresses are easy to get on and off... if it rains it would be so much easier to get a dress on rather than shorts or jeans... denim shorts are defo festival fashion... EVERYONE wears them and why not THEY ARE HOTTT! i wore my denim shorts for most the weekend... just pack a few tops some shorts and a dress or two... remember SOCKS AND WELLIES... and a waterproof jacket... we got a HUGE shower for a few hours... the grass and mud gets soaked and everything gets wet and muddy... bring your wellies so you dont ruin your favee shoes.
I LOVEDD V FESTIVAL<3 bring on 2012 :D:D:D

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