top; topshop belt and shorts; new look.

eee ignore my facee
this is my new levis denim jacket....
it was an absolute bargain at £5
001; i hope everyone is safe and i feel so bad for anyone whos experienced anything in connection to the riots that are sweeping the country. on the same topic... i actually got sent home from work today and we closed early as a precaution to any rioting. (luckily no damage to pizza hut star city)
002; ive been thinking of things to introduce to my blog... ive been thinking twitter tuesdayy... i pick like a random tweet on a tuesdayy ? im thinking to link my blog and twitter more.
003; so im officially skint... and the rioting means ive lost a days pay :@ thanks!
004; omggg. more on a fashion matter ive been online window shoppping today and ill defo be doing a weekly want this weekkkkk..

feel free to introduce my blog to others... followw pleasee ;)
oh dear hellicopters overhead :'(
stay stafeee bloggers<3

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