thursday rant lol!

another day at pizza hut star city... dealing with the huge number of customers that walked through our doors... and to greet them, me!
the day just seemed to never end, it has been so long. first of all this morning dropping a few things at my boyfriends thenn going with my sister to recieve her GCSE results...well done to everyone who recieved theirs. she did very well and passed everything.. the little genius.
im just so tired right now... i know as soon as i get into my pj's ill either not be able to sleeep or will turn off like a tight. i hoping for option two as tomorrow will be shift number 3/4 for this week. i stayed late today at work aswell so hopefully next week the dollars should be 'rollin' in.
anywayy.. im knackered. night peeps.

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