saving money!

dress : topshop (sale £7)

i finally made my models own order. it consists of the above... i also ordered another wah nails art pen. it came to £13 then £2.95p&p.
i went shopping with my mom and picked up this dress. it was in the sale reduced from £29 to £15 and then when i got to the till it was £7! BARGAIN! ive wanted it for ages but its one of those things i will get bored off. as im doing art at uni i dont wannna spend loads on clothes to get paint all over.
took momma to nandos today as a birthday treat and then went to watch inbetweeners with dan (boyfriend) and abbie(sister) it was reallyyy funnyy :D

so i have spent quite alot todayy but its been a nice day..roll on paydayy!
gonna save now since there is loadssss that i wanna buy..

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helen turnbull said...

Gorge nails. Tell me about it, I went shopping today and there is so much I want!

Helen, X