LOOK's blogging comp!

eeeeek... when i found out looks blogging competition was back i knew i had to be apart of it. Since following Lily Melrose' blog i knew that i wanted to create my own blog, using her blog as inspiration. My blog is new compared to many fashion blogs but i want it to be big. In september i plan to start UNI studying Fine Art or Art and Design. I think that art is an important area when it comes to fashion and it really plays a huge part into the success of fashion. The ways colours work or don't work, the textures and the way an outfit photographs... this is art.
I am an amature blogger atm... but soon when i start UNI it will become clear that i want to incorperate my love of fashion into my artwork.
I love look magazine... I buy it without fail every week (maybe i should get a subscription lol)
I love how even the cheapest items from primark look chic in this magazine... I buy so many things just because i've seen them in Look! or on lily melrose ;)
I have only ever been to Birminghams clothes show... I've never actually been to such a huge fashion event like The Look Show and I think this competition would be an amazing opportunity. I would be able to take soo many photos that i could use when i start uni, and I believe the experience would be so inspirational.

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