LIFESTYLE: The Mums Checklist For Important Home Tasks


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When you’re a mum time can get away from you, you are so busy all the time that especially when starting out you may find you quite often forget to eat, shower or any basic tasks really. You are so focused on looking after the bundle of joy you have brought home that you forget about a lot of other stuff. There are also a lot of other things that you need to do as a mum and in your home but could easily be forgotten about so who is it also a checklist for you to make sure that the important things don’t get left behind with everything else.

And the first thing you want to do is assess all of your bills and outgoings. These can often get forgotten about and a lot of companies will entice you in with offers and discounts for a certain amount of time. However once that time has come to an end you will revert back to a very standard charge which can sometimes cost a lot more than you would pay normally. So, by making a list of all of your outgoings and how much you spend on each one you can then go through them one by one and see if you can get it cheaper. Firstly you want to speak to your current provider and see if there is a deal that they can offer you again or you can look at other providers and see if they have any low prices to entice you in with them. 

Another Important one to look at will be your insurance for your home, things change so it’s always important to make sure that everything is up-to-date and you’re covered for everything that you need to from how big your house is if you’ve had an extension put on to what items are in your home in case you made any big purchases. See this website for more information on insurance.

You would also want to go through all of your cupboards, your pantry and your fridge. It is important to have a deep clean of these every so often as you’re bound to find a jar of pickles or jam right at the back which has been out of date for two years. By making sure that you add a regular clean onto your checklist you will be able to save cupboard space, make sure you’re using up what you have and saving money.

Depending on the age of the children it is important to make sure it is safe place for them. When they crawl there are a lot of things that you need to check like sharp edges and  covers on, plug sockets which will need covers on and locks for the cupboards and drawers so they can’t go in themselves. It is important to make sure there’s no wires anywhere that they’re able to pull a grab and there’s nothing hidden under the sofa they can reach.

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