Fast fashion is something that few people really talk or think about. They just see it as an affordable way to get clothes and they don’t think much about how long it lasts, where it comes from, or even if it’s a good deal in the first place. There are more and more fast fashion brands popping up around the world which can make it seem like a popular go-to option for clothes. 

However, there are actually a couple of good reasons to avoid fast fashion and some of them might surprise you.

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Many fast fashion brands exploit overseas workers

It’s become clear that fast fashion exploits overseas workers all over the world. Fast fashion is cheap because it uses inexpensive labour from overseas countries. Not only are these workers paid a very small amount for their wages, but there has been evidence in the past of gender-based violence in some factories that supply fast fashion companies with their apparel. More and more people are standing up to the shady practices that fast fashion companies engage in. They’re refusing to purchase from fast fashion brands because their processes aren’t completely transparent.

However, there are some fast fashion companies that are working to change their image. Whether or not they can completely detach themselves from exploitative processes remains to be seen, but it’s clear that the public is becoming aware of these practices and are actively avoiding fast fashion.

Slow fashion lasts longer because of high-quality products

Fast fashion tends to be made from low-quality materials, resulting in clothes that don’t last very long. They can rip and tear very easily, and they’re not exactly known to last longer than a season or two. This is why many people prefer slow fashion–it just lasts longer and is better value for your money.

Whether you’re looking for reputable traditional English boot makers or high-end fashion brands that are known for the quality of their garments, investing more in your clothes means that it’s going to last longer. Colours won’t fade, prints are better quality, the construction is superior and the designs are often timeless. If you really want to invest in fashion, then slow fashion is generally the way to go.

Fast fashion ultimately costs more in the long run

Fast fashion tries to capitalise on things like summer trends, and some of them will even collaborate with popular TV shows and cartoons to draw more people in. However, the quality of these clothes doesn’t change. No matter what fast fashion companies convince you to buy, a lot of their products just don’t last long enough, meaning you’ll need to keep buying cheap clothes over and over again.

Instead of buying a cheap pack of shirts from a fast fashion brand, you could buy one high-quality shirt from a reputable brand that will last several washes, hold its colour and design better, and even be more comfortable. Don’t get into a habit of buying cheap clothing products and then just replacing them in a few weeks–just buy better quality clothes.

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