Giving birth is an extraordinary and amazing miracle and gift. Having a new baby around the house puts a smile on your face and makes you feel proud to be a mum to your beautiful newborn.

No matter how much joy it brings you, the reality is that you’re going to gain weight when you’re pregnant. The weight can be stubborn, and try to stick around well after the baby is born. Be glad to know there are tips you can use to help you lose the baby weight after pregnancy once and for all. You’ll notice a positive change in your self-image and will have more self-confidence when you’re looking great and feeling more like yourself.  

Set Realistic Goals

It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself when you’re trying to lose the baby weight. Remember that it took nine months to put it on so it’s going to take a while for it to come off. The transformation won’t happen overnight, and you need to be patient with yourself and the process. It may help to write down specifically how much you want to lose and changes you’re going to make to your habits to achieve these objectives.

Make Exercise A Priority

Plan to move more and fit in daily exercise when you’re trying to lose the baby weight after pregnancy. Find fun activities that get you moving and out of the house, such as organising a rugby team you can play on. Check out this Rugby Kit to help get you started and on the path to burning more calories and having a good time while you do it. You must break a sweat and get your heart rate up often if you’re going to shed unwanted pounds in a timely manner.

Cook Healthy Meals at Home & Stay Hydrated

Cooking may be last on your list as a new mum. However, it’s vital that you not eat out all the time if you’re going to lose your baby weight. It may help to do the grocery shopping and some healthy cooking on the weekend and freeze meals that you can pull out during the week and eat. Have healthy snacks around the house that you can munch on when you get hungry, and avoid consuming sugary drinks and snacks. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol as much as possible if you want to keep losing weight.

Track Your Progress

You’ll likely find that you lose weight more effectively when you track your progress and results. Be honest with yourself and step on the scale each week to see how you’re doing. If you notice you’re not losing week after week, then you may need to make some tweaks and adjustments to your routine and approach. It may also help to keep a food journal and write down exactly what you’re eating.


These tips will put you on the right course to losing the baby weight after pregnancy and keeping it off. Be patient with yourself because it’s a journey and may take some time before you fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes again. 

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