Pampering yourself at home isn't quite the same as going to a spa and having somebody else do it for you, but you can still use it as a great way to relax, recuperate, and de-stress. With the ideas here, you’ll barely know the difference between your own home and the spa - read on to see what you can do next time you want to treat yourself!

  1. Set The Scene

Start by taking your time to set the scene. Doing this before you take the time to relax can make your relaxation time even more effective. Try the following:

  • Dim the lights.

  • Light some candles or turn on your fairy lights, starry night projector, salt lamps, and other mood lighting you have. Just be careful if you do use candles - you don’t want to knock one over in your relaxed state and have to worry about starting a fire. 

  • Use some room spray, an aromatherapy diffuser, or incense to make it smell amazing. 

Prepare as much as you can in advance, too. If there are snacks you want, prepare them early on so you can just grab them later. You could even change your bedding and plump up your pillows so you’re ready when it’s time to lay down and chill. 


  1. Take A Long, Hot Bath 

Run a bath using bubbles, bath salts, and even some essential oils if you have them. Just make sure you choose your oils carefully, as not all of them are suitable for certain conditions - pregnancy, for example. You could even find a bath caddy so you can have your kindle, tablet, or phone in there and watch something while you chill. You can have a tea or another drink of choice on there, and you can also fit a few pamper products on the tray. Always read reviews to ensure anything you buy for the bath will last and isn't going to go mouldy. The same goes for bath pillows! 

  1. Use Masks Galore

A pamper night is a great time to get your mask on. Face masks, hair masks, foot masks, and even body masks can be a great way to feel cleaner, softer, and fresher than ever before. Take your time with them, and make sure you select masks suitable for your particular concerns. For example, don’t use a peeling mask on your face if you're concerned about dry skin. 

  1. Treat Your Skin

After your masks, treat your skin. You could try the korean skincare routine that everybody is raving about for ultimate moisturisation. 

  1. Play Relaxing Music

Relaxing music can help to set the scene and get you into the right mindset for relaxing. The type of music you find relaxing is personal - you might like classical, but playing chilled out R&B or pop music is fine too. 

  1. Take Time to Do Something You Enjoy

 All too many of us brush the things we enjoy doing because we “don’t have time for them”. Incorporate them into your pamper time. Call a friend. Read a magazine. Play online car games. Do some embroidery. Whatever it is, fit it into your schedule.

7. Order In Some Food 

You’re probably not going to want to cook when you’ve spent time in the bath relaxing, so order in some food in advance. You can do this early on in the day so you know exactly what time your food will arrive and ensure you’re ready. Treat yourself to a yummy pizza or anything else your heart desires.

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