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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and with lockdown likely to be in place until March at the earliest, you’re going to have to celebrate it at home. If you’re usually someone who goes all out for Valentine’s day, then it can be easy to get disheartened that you can’t take that trip or go to your favourite restaurant for a romantic meal. 

With a bit of planning, you can still make a valentine’s day special at home. Check out some ideas for lockdown valentines. 

  1. Cook a romantic meal

Find a recipe that you’ve never tried before and really push the boat out for your romantic dinner. Buy a good bottle of wine (or even some champagne), turn off your phones and spend some time getting dressed up, as you would for a night out at a restaurant. You can even buy each other something to wear. Kenzo for men does a great range that will fit any occasion and you’ll get a great new outfit too. 

So channel you inner Nigella Lawson and try something a little outside your comfort zones.

  1. Have an ‘at home’ spa day

If you’re the type of couple that likes to visit a spa every now and again, then you’ll know how relaxing it can be. Devote valentines to your own relaxing spa day. Buy in all the products you’ll need for massages and beauty treatments, get some lunch delivered so you don’t have to spoil the relaxation by cooking. Then you can spend the day in your robes, listening to relaxing music and giving each other treatments. Bliss.

  1. Movie date night

OK, so you might have spent the last year watching a lot of Netflix, so how would this be any different? If you can reach back into your memory and think about when people were actually allowed to go to the cinema, this is the feeling you want to create. 

Rent or buy a movie that’s just been released, something you’ve never seen before. Recreate the cinema food you love by having popcorn, hotdogs, pick and mix and ice cream.  

Then you need to set the scene by getting your room as dark as possible and making sure that you can’t be disturbed. 

You might not be able to match the size of the cinema screen, but many studios are releasing their new movies straight to streaming at the moment, so chances are you will find something your want to watch. It will also be a lot cheaper than buying cinema food, and you won’t have to sit through 30 minutes of adverts and trailers before the movie starts. 

  1. Have a carpet picnic

Even if you have a garden, February is probably not going to have weather nice enough to be outside. Recreate the perfect picnic, right in your living room. Throw a blanket down on the floor and fill it with all of your favourite foods. 

If you don’t want the hassle of shopping and prepping everything yourself, there are lots of cafes, restaurants and hotels who have set up special afternoon tea deliveries that arrive straight to your door, no prep required. 

  1. Learn a new skill together

Thanks to online shopping and YouTube, you and your partner can do something fun together in learning new skills. Whether you want to try wine tasting, cocktail making or learn to dance, you can easily set this up. There are many how-to guides online for virtually anything. 

You’ll have a lot of fun doing something different that will definitely break the monotony of lockdown. 

  1. Make future holiday plans

You’re probably getting cabin fever now and dream of the days when you can get on a plane again.  Well, why not stop dreaming and start planning. While it’s probably not advisable to book something right this minute, set some time aside together to plan out a dream trip properly. Where will you go, where will you stay, what will you do when you’re there? 

Setting some firm plans, rather than just staring wistfully at a photo of a beach can really lift your spirits and get you excited about spending time together as a couple, without being confined to the house.

Final thoughts 

It can be difficult to get excited for valentine’s day this year. But rather than deciding to just wait and do something at a later date, why not add a little excitement to lockdown by doing something different. It might be the little lift you need to get you to the end of lockdown. Finding things to celebrate is important right now. So make your valentine’s special. 

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