The smart home has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with major companies like Apple and Google throwing their hats in the ring and vying for your business. It's not just a gimmick either. The technology available today is awe-inspiring and will only improve going forward. 

The kitchen is currently at the centre of efforts to roll out smart home technology across the world. Here innovators are ploughing their resources into transforming this traditional room into something wholly different. Things are changing fast.

Homeowners want to know, though, whether buying these smart appliances is worth the extra money. You'll have to make up your mind on that one!

So, without further ado, which smart kitchen appliances will rock your world?

Smart Fridges

Smart fridges come with a host of features that will blow your mind. Many now use machine learning technology and AI vision to tell you whether you're running low on vegetables, telling you when you need to restock. Smart fridges can also automatically order the ingredients you need for a recipe online from your local retailer, negating the need to even think about the recipe, let alone go to the shops

While Maytag fridge repairs will continue, it's clear that we're entering a new era in the refrigerator market. Companies are going beyond features like "auto-defrost" which are primarily mechanical and toward app-like systems that improve your quality of life. Soon your fridge might be able to order food without any input from you whatsoever. It may become a "home assistant" rival to the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo. 

Smart WiFi Fryers

For many people, getting frying right has always been a challenge. Often you need to cook things to the exact second in order to prevent them from burning. The problem is that cooking time varies from one item of food to another, making your life a lot more difficult. 

Now, though, a company called Cosori has teamed up with Amazon to build a smart fryer with hundreds of preprogrammed settings to perfectly cook whatever you put in it. All you do is connect the device to the Amazon-powered app on your phone and select what you want to make, and it'll get on with the rest automatically. The system eliminates trial and error. 

Smart Personal Blender

NutriBullet is a company that has been making waves in the health industry through its extensive line of compact, reliable blenders. The brand now produces a Bluetooth-enabled version that connects to your phone via an app, providing you with real-time nutritional information about the contents of your smoothies. 

Touch Screen Toasters

Most toasters are, unfortunately, a little dumb. But now Revolution Cooking has come up with what it is claiming is the world's first touch screen toaster, providing toast aficionados with practically every cooking setting imaginable. What's more, the company says that its product will prepare a variety of toastable items faster than your regular machine, meaning that you don't have to waste time standing around. It also comes with a 15-second reheat function as well as a helpful sensor to prevent burning, 

Smart Induction Pans

If you thought a world in which your frying pan communicates with you was still a long way in the future, then think again. A company called Hestan has now come up with a smart pan that it hopes will help people cook the perfect steak. 

The idea behind the pan is surprisingly simple. You tell the pan what you want to cook and then it'll guide you through the process. So, for instance, if you're going to prepare an eight-ounce steak medium-rare, it'll adjust the heat, timing and instructions to allow you to do just that. The same goes for pancakes or pretty much anything else you might want to make on the hob.

Just be aware, though, that the device relies on an induction hob base, so you can't use it in the same way on your regular stove. 

Smart Soap Dispensers

Regular soap dispensers have a critical flaw: you have to touch them to dispense the soap. For hygiene buffs, this is a problem because it means that you have to put your hand on something that everyone else has touched BEFORE they wash their hands, 

Now, though, there's a solution called the Otto Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser. The product looks like any other premium soap dispenser, but with a critical difference - it can tell when you place your hands underneath it, ready to receive soap. 

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