The recent storms that have taken over the UK have probably made you appreciate your warm home a little bit more! There’s nothing more satisfying than lying in a cosy bed when you can hear the rain against the window. Except, perhaps if you find it hard to keep your bedroom warm at night. Nobody likes going to sleep in a freezing bedroom. But when you’ve turned the heating up to the max, and you still can’t feel any improvement, it’s time to look for the best solution. 
Let’s keep things clear from the start. You would know immediately if you had any boiler issue because you would probably spot an error message on your boiler, or notice that the blue flame has gone. So let’s assume your boiler is not the source of your problem. What makes the bedroom cold?  

You’ve got cold air coming in
Poor insulation is the most common cause of a cold bedroom. You can easily test your theory. Old windows tend to let the cold air in, even when they’re shut. Sometimes, it’s something you can fix in a matter of minutes by getting a new sealant around the window frame. However, windows are not the most important source of air infiltration at home. Houses lose up to 30% of their heat through the roof. You can ask a roofer to check your roof and get you a quote for eventual repairs. If you want to be sure about where the air comes through, you can touch the ceiling. If it’s cold to the touch, it’s enough to know the roof needs some work! 

The heating system needs checking
Your heating system consists of your boiler and your radiators. As mentioned before, it’s easy to check if your boiler is working. You can also rapidly spot broken radiators. They can’t warm up properly or only get hot in certain areas. Additionally, you may even notice a leak or some unpleasant noises at night. Your radiators need regular servicing, which includes bleeding – it’s something you can do yourself and which can solve the problem. Otherwise, you can also get in touch with a Safe gas engineer for a power flush, which would get rid of potential blockage inside the pipes. 

Is it really cold, though?
Is your bedroom really cold, or does it just feel like it? Living in a decor you dislike can affect your perception of temperature. Indeed, because you think negatively about the room, your mind is more likely to develop discomfort. Simple changes of decor, such as picking a colour scheme you love, could transform the perceived temperature! Additionally, you can also use smart interior tips to make a room that faces north feel warmer. It’s important to use a vibrant and rich colour that brightens up the space for a north-facing bedroom, as it can trick the mind into seeing more light, and therefore sun, as there is. 

Don’t let your bedroom make you feel cold at night. If you want a good and resting night’s sleep, you need to focus on making the room feel warmer, either by resolving the issue or by helping your mind to change its perception of the room. Additionally, you can also go back to your granny’s best advice: always use a hot water bottle at night to warm up the bed! It works wonders in winter! 

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