We expect a lot of ourselves. We tend to think of our bodies and minds as infinite resources which we can call upon to take on the challenges that each day brings. But our bodies are more like machines. Without fuel, care and maintenance they will begin to fail us. And unlike machines, we can’t replace them when they do. That said, it’s never too late to start making repairs to the body and the mind. The battle for wellness is one that’s fought on many fronts. In order to get the most out of our bodies and our minds we need to target the causes of damage to both. When you’re young and pretty it’s oh-so-tempting to assume that you’ll stay that way forever. But without self-care and attention to your wellness, your body can age faster and your mind can begin to fail you.

Still, this isn’t a battle you have to fight alone. Every girl should have a handful of useful contacts to help her to account for all aspects of her personal wellness. Make sure you have each of the following in your address book...

A dietician

Following a balanced diet is generally good advice for everyone. But here’s the thing. No two bodies are identical. And whether you know it or not, yours has specific dietary needs. You may not be lactose or gluten intolerant and you may not have any food allergies that you’re aware of. But your body is predisposed to burn some forms of dietary fuel better than others. Rather than getting by on what you read online, a dietician can get to know your body and your blood type before helping you to better understand the foods that your body processes best and how to build a meal plan from there. If you’ve tried diet after diet but not seen the results you’d expect, they can help you to better understand why you’ve been so frustrated for so long. 

A personal trainer

You go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, and that’s great. But be honest with yourself… Do you really get the most out of every workout? Or have you been coasting by, refraining from pushing yourself too hard. 

A personal trainer can help you to better understand your personal fitness goals and which exercises will get you there fastest. What’s more, they’ll provide motivation when yours is flagging and push you harder than you’d be likely to push yourself in the gym. With the help of a PT, you can get the most out of every workout and accomplish things you may never have thought your body was capable of. 

A solicitor

Stress is one of the biggest threats there is to your health and wellbeing. And all of us experience stress at some point or another. A little stress can be good for you. It can even help you to bring out the best in yourself. But chronic stress can be seriously detrimental to your physical and emotional health. 

Being prepared for all eventualities is a great way to mitigate stress and feel better in control of your life. And that starts with legal representation. Having a solicitor like Bannister Preston in your contacts list can ensure that when you need to buy a house, make a will or (Heaven forbid) get a divorce you have someone you trust on your side to get you a fair and just outcome. 

A financial advisor

Many of us lose a great deal of sleep to money troubles. And sleep is enormously important to maintaining your good health. Many of us assume that money troubles are part and parcel of adult life but nothing could be further from the truth. As well as listening to podcasts that can give you financial advice and reading anything that Martin Lewis writes, you can help yourself enormously by seeking out a financial advisor. No matter how much or how little money you have they can help you make the most of it, helping you to choose better mortgage products, advising you on investments and savings and helping you to strategically manage your money.

A therapist

And finally, we all need to open up to someone about our problems. And while friends and family are our first port of call, they’re not always able to give us the kind of practical advice that we need when we feel down or distracted. Even if you don’t believe that you are in poor mental health, it can’t hurt to have the number of a good therapist close to hand.

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