LIFESTYLE: There You Are (An Essential Guide To Travelling, Mental Health, And Happiness On The Road)

The book Wherever You Go, There You Are, by Jon Kabitt Zinn, is not about travelling. However, it is about mindfulness and mental health, and it makes the excellent point that the one thing we can never get away from is ourselves. Yes, even when travelling to distant and exotic locations, it will still be us with our history and bias that is experiencing it. 

Of course, many of us also feel as if travelling can be a transformative experience. Something that helps us to experience a shift in the way we see things. However, believing that setting off and travelling around the world will be a cure for any long-standing issues you have is somewhat naive. Instead, you need to account for such problems while away from home and take care of your mental health. Something that should ensure that your experience is as positive as possible overall. Keep reading to find out more. 


Although the experience of depression can vary from person to person, many people describe it as having all hope for the future sucked from them. Something that can leave them very demotivated and struggling even to plan a trip let alone set off on one. 

Of course, there are a few things that you need to consider when travelling with depression. One, in particular, is any additional accommodations you will need to help keep your energy up as high as possible. For example, you may opt to rent a private room rather than a bed in a dorm of strangers. The reason being that by doing so, you will get a much better night's sleep. Which, in turn, will have a positive effect on your ability to enjoy the next day of your travels. 

Additionally, just as with any medical condition it is vital that you take or have access to any medications you may need while travelling. Although, it is worth noting that many border control will require you to have them in their original packets. In fact, some countries will also want to see a prescription made out in your name. Especially if you are transporting them over the border in bulk. 


For those suffering from anxiety, even the most simple of tasks can feel like it is electrifying their body and mind and draining everything they have. Of course, add to that being in an unfamiliar country, where you don't speak the language, and don't know anyone, and it can send anxiety and stress through the roof. 

That is not to say, however, that those of us suffering from anxiety should not travel. In fact, there are plenty of coping strategies that can ensure we will have a successful and enjoyable trip as anyone else. 

One of these is to teach yourself some calming breathing techniques before you leave. Something that can really help to keep things manageable on a crowded plane or bus, or even in an unfamiliar street or sook! 

Additionally, researching posts like this one on 7 Ways to Travel Stress-Free is a smart idea. In fact, planning the details of your trip well can help to foster a sense of control and provide plenty of positive things to look forward to. Something that can again make sure that your anxiety is as manageable possible while away from home. 


Closely related to anxiety is the issue of safety. Something that even those that would not class themselves as anxious people can worry about when travelling the world. In fact, because we get to hear what goes on in other corners of the globe so quickly these days, it is easy to think that we could be at risk at every turn outside of our hometown. 

However, this is genuinely not the case. Yes, of course, there are places in this world that are more risky to travel to at the moment. Especially for particular groups of people. However, educating yourself on the potential risk before you plan a trip to a specific location is the best way to approach this. 

Additionally, there are some basic safety tactics that anyone can use when in a foreign country that will help reduce any risks. The first is to do your best to not look like a tourist, as unscrupulous people may target you. 

Secondly, splitting up any cash you have into at least two places on your person, one being hidden, is a brilliant move. Then if the worst does happen and you get pickpocketed or held up, you won't be left with nothing in an unfamiliar place. 

It can also be a smart idea to photocopy your passport and take these copies out and about with you when you leave your accommodation. Then you will have an evident form of identification should anything happen without risking losing your valuable travel documents. 


Sometimes when we travel, homesickness can hit like a bolt out of the blue! It can be super frustrating, too, because it can really impact our mood and our ability to enjoy ourselves. Even while in some of the most spectacular places in the world. 

Of course, the most obvious cure for homesickness is to head home. Although it is not always the best choice when you have paid out a great deal of money to explore exotic places. Happily, there may be some other strategies that you can use as well. 

For example, video chatting with a loved one at home can be so much more effective than just messaging or email them. In fact, seeing them in real-time can alleviate any fear that they aren't happy and thus allow you to get on with your trip without any worry or stress. 

Also, don't forget that the world is a much more connected place than it used to be. In fact, no matter what your location, you are likely to find meetup groups that contain people that hail from similar places as you and speak the same language. Something that can be a real lifeline if you are feeling isolated and alone. 

Although, proper security and safety measures will need to be taken before a meeting anyone that you don't already know well. Especially in a place that is unknown to you. 


I hesitate to put this section in, but travel disappointment can be a very real thing. In fact, what I'm talking about here is when you have scrimped and saved up all your money and waited months until your next trip, but then don't quite enjoy yourself as much as you’d hoped. 

Of course, such disappointment can result from two things, the first being having to deal with issues like the ones above, and the second is that the places you visit just don't quite live up to the hype. In fact, it is often a combination of the two at work together that can cause a ‘meh’ feeling when what you were expecting was ‘wow.’

Luckily, there are some strategies you can use to help get over this type of bump in the road less travelled. One is to stop what you're doing and allow yourself to rest and recharge for a day or two. After all, things often seem a great deal better when we have had a good sleep and have a full belly. 

Also, if you find that what you had initially planned isn’t working out for you, nothing is stopping you from changing what you are doing to suit your mood better. Whether that is taking things down a notch and spending more time chilling, or revving things up and packing in some additional adrenaline-fuelled activities. After all, what matters is not that you do and see what everyone else does in the place that you are visiting. Instead, aim for an experience that provides you happiness, and nourishes your soul. 

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