If you’re not sure exactly what cosmetics you need to buy, you may be bewildered by the choices on offer. This can be true when it comes to mascara and the various types on the market. 

Most people buying makeup online find makeup they like and they stick to it. Sometimes, though, that makeup may not be the best one for their needs. When you’re thinking about buying mascara, for instance, there are so many different types available, you might be a little baffled. 

Do you use mascara primer to prepare your lashes for mascara? Apart from making you look great, primer can protect your lashes from everyday makeup use. 

For actual mascara, the options are numerous. Do you have short lashes? Try lengthening mascaras that extend your lash beyond the tip. If your lashes are a little on the thin side, try thickening mascara to boost the volume of your lashes without making them look too heavy. It’s a balancing act, but the right type of mascara can help. 

There are also mascara options that cater to your special circumstances. Do you need waterproof mascara because you have an oily skin type or spend a lot of time outdoors? Or maybe you’re always smudging your mascara, and you need a smudge-resistant formula to stop those streaks? Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it from online makeup suppliers, often with huge discounts. 

Cheap Online Makeup Must Be Genuine

Cheap online makeup can be a gamble. As a consumer, the reason you turn to the web isn’t that you want an inferior product, but because you want makeup that comes at a lower price than the major retailers. However, some makeup suppliers take advantage of that need and sell fake makeup. 

There are many reasons some online cosmetics suppliers are able to offer the discounts they do. Some operate solely online or buy in bulk from other stockists at the end of product lines. This means they can offer excellent prices to their customers that are usually only available via makeup online suppliers.  You also have amazing free makeup solutions whereby you earn points through completing tasks and you can exchange these points for genuine makeup. Love To Slay is a great example of this.

Other online retailers, however, are less scrupulous. Some provide makeup, including mascara, lip colour, and fragrance, which they know isn’t genuine. As well as being fraudulent and casting the makeup industry generally in a bad light, these fake products can also be harmful to your health. If you don’t know where cosmetics have come from, you can’t know for sure that they’ve been manufactured safely. You can’t be certain of the ingredients and whether they’re going to react badly with any other material. 

In short, it’s really important that when you buy cheap makeup online, you buy from a reputable online retailer who is happy to share details about their sources and why they’re able to sell cheaply. They’ll also look legitimate. Reputable businesses are keen to project a professional image. You wouldn’t buy from a man with a suitcase, so don’t buy from a website that looks shoddy and fake.

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