Do you have wanderlust in your heart but aren’t sure where to begin? If, like so many of us, you look at photographs and read about the wonderful, far-flung places of the world, but haven’t yet plucked up the courage to book the trains, or the flights, or the buses to go and see them, then this might be the place for you. Although some people seem to pick up their rucksacks and book a flight in mere moments, for others – especially if you have created a little home that you’re fond of and would miss or are managing health concerns – it can seem much more daunting. Below, you’ll find some common worries before going travelling, and hopefully some solutions to assuage them.

Missing People

This is one of the hardest things about travelling, and one of the biggest worries, especially if you have a close family at home. Thankfully, in this day and age, you won’t vanish from their lives for six months. There are plenty of ways to share your adventures and keep them in your life, especially if you’re feeling homesick. Have a look at The Best Ways To Stay in Touch With Family and Friends When Travelling for some useful apps which will allow you to stay in communication. Also, remember that you will meet people while you are travelling and it’s likely that they will become your friends for life. Those you’ve explored other countries with and discovered new cultures will share the same sense of freedom and adventure that you can get from travelling.

What About Stuff?

Oh, it’s a tricky one. If you have a beauty routine that you maintain every evening before bed like clockwork, and every morning when you wake up, the thought of leaving behind all those little pots and potions might be filling you with dread. First things first, remember that, unless you’re going completely off the beaten track, it’ll be unlikely that you go anywhere that you can’t pick up at least some products. Also, the hostels and places that you stay will have things available, either to buy or left there by travellers who have gone before. You aren’t alone in your situation. If you’re travelling with a companion, share the load of cosmetics. You can also decant any liquids before you go into multiple 100ml bottles if you’re passing through airports with your rucksack.

Obviously bear clothing in mind and pack sensibly, but you can avoid carrying a lot of bulky coats and outerwear if you plan your travels to always take you to warm climes. There’s something very romantic about following the summer round the world!

Not Knowing Where You Are

You can plan well and do all your research before you leave but it’s almost guaranteed that, at least once or twice, you will find yourself in an unfamiliar situation which the guidebooks didn’t prepare you for. If the idea of this is stressful, then it’s this exact anxiety that going travelling will combat. Personal growth and development are part and parcel of going on these adventures and you might learn to not sweat the small stuff. This is obviously without putting yourself in dangerous situations. It’s worth remembering though that the people around you are likely to be in the same situation and don’t doubt the advantages of talking to people, making friends and asking about what others have done. Before too long, you’ll be handling every new challenge travelling throws at you with aplomb!

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