When it comes to modern homes and a modern style of design there is one overarching theme which seems to be played out throughout any space- space. It is so important for modern style homes to give off that feeling of luxury and spaciousness even if they are a tiny apartment in London. Today we are going to have a look at some of the ways you can create space and a modern style in your home to make it feel up to date.

Go big or go home

When you remove your smaller ornaments to declutter the shelves and bring space back into the home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any personality on your shelves and on the walls. When it comes to contemporary design there is a rule known as the cantaloupe rule, which says that any decoration in the home should be bigger than a cantaloupe. The reason for this is that big pieces make a statement and they look less cluttered than lots of small pieces.

Add more light

Light is the absolute essential if you plan on making your home feel modern and spacious. Natural light is wonderful and it makes a home feel bright and much more happy than a small dark space. If you don’t have the best windows in your home at the moment now is the time to get busy and update the windows to make them feel more in keeping with the rest of the house. Light can also be added with cool white light bulbs around the home as well as decorative lights such as lamps and fairy lights.

Use polished concrete

If you want to update the home to feel more open and modern there is one place in particular which you will need to make some changes: the floor. Even though you might not realise it, your flooring has a massive impact on the way your home looks and feels and it can lead to the home feeling old and small depending on the type of flooring you have. Polished concrete is a wonderful idea for a modern home because it increase the space you have and you can have the floor varnished in a marble design to make it feel like luxury.

Layer texture

Because the colour schemes for modern homes are usually fairly simple and plain, the thing you will want to do in the home is to mix up your textures. You could for example have a rug on the polished concrete for effect, a fluffy throw hanging over your sofa, a wooden decorative panel on the wall… have fun playing with different materials and see what you can come up with for the room. Make sure however that the materials you layer are the same colour, just different tones of that colour.

Homely touches

This next tip can be great whether you are making your home cosier for the family or if you plan to go into airbnb management and rent out the space for some extra money. Candles, cushions, blankets and vases of flowers are all of the things you will want to bring into the home at the end of the day to make it feel more like a family home than a house. Because modern homes are made so simple, you can really go to town here and make sure you have as many different home comforts as you possibly can in the house.

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