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Beauty and fashion are great. There’s no denying that spending some time trying out different make-up tutorials, shopping for different outfits, and seeing what new beauty products you can review this week, can be really fun.
One thing about most conventional beauty and fashion techniques and products, though, is that they pretty much only do one thing – make you look better.
Now, that might seem like an obvious point, but there are actually plenty of things you can do that will help you to look your best, while also improving other areas of your life as well.
So, while you should, by all means, continue to buy moisturizer, and dresses that rock your world, here are some other tips that you should think about trying out as well.

Turn your evenings into personal relaxation and pampering sessions, and start waking up earlier instead

If you’re anything like most people, you probably spend your evenings surfing the web obsessively, catching up on your Netflix binges, and going to sleep later than you know you should, for the sake of getting a few more precious moments of relaxation before getting up for work the next day.
Here’s a different suggestion, though. How about you start turning your evenings into personal relaxation and pampering sessions instead, go to bed earlier, and wake up earlier too?
Studies consistently find that people who wake up earlier are happier, healthier, and more successful than people who stay up late. Not only that, but it’s well known that being too active in the evening, and staring into many screens, disrupts your sleep.
By turning your evenings into pampering sessions, complete with candles, hot baths, music, and some quiet reading, you’ll be able to enjoy much deeper sleep. This has also been shown to improve health and physical appearance.
After all, the phrase “beauty sleep” isn’t famous for no reason.

Spend more time walking in nature

These days, more and more people don’t move around enough during the day. And that’s not just to say that not enough people are getting down to the gym, either. Recent studies have actually found that if you spend too much of your day sitting down, you’re actually bound to be less healthy overall, even if you do make it to the gym after work.
Walking doesn’t get much respect as a form of exercise, but it improves circulation and helps the cardiovascular system, which means you’ll have a better complexion, and enjoy more feel-good endorphins as well.
For extra points, spend more time walking in nature. Fresh air like you find in forests is extremely healthy, and people who spend more time in nature are said to be happier and healthier too.

Get serious about home cooking (if you aren’t already)

The food writer Michael Pollan is pretty well known these days for his hit Netflix show “Cooked”, where he investigates traditional cooking techniques throughout history, and around the world.
He’s got a pretty good approach to dealing with a lot of modern health issues. He thinks that everyone should get seriously into home cooking, and eat almost nothing but home-cooked meals.
A lot of serious nutritionists and dietitians agree with him. Processed food is known to be unhealthy, and can age the skin, and cause issues like chronic inflammation.

By getting in touch with your inner chef, you’ll not only be able to enjoy delicious meals every day, but you’ll also look and feel better too.

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