When you move into your first home it can be easy to get wrapped up in your new life and forget about some of the routine maintenance that you need to do to keep your home in good condition.


As soon as you move in you should check your boiler.  You can never be certain when the boiler was last serviced, and even if you are only using it for hot water, it could be dangerous if it needs attention.  It is not explosions you should be concerned about, but carbon monoxide poisoning. This problem kills people in the UK every year, so get the boiler serviced straight away by a qualified engineer. Then make sure it is done again at the same time every year.

Seal The Window Frames

Buy some window sealant and reseal all the frames. It does not need much of a hole in the existing sealant for water to seep into your home. There are different types available and you need to ensure you but the right one for your type of windows, but in the long run, this job that takes just a few minutes for each window, could save you a lot of hassle.

Check Out The Conservatory

If your first home has a conservatory you need to check the condition of it. They are a great addition to any home, adding another very useful room. However, they can lose a lot of heat in the winter because of the amount of glass and get too hot to use in the summer for the same reason. The answer to this problem could be a thermal conservatory ceiling, just like the ones at Rundle and Dorey. This would make the conservatory useable all year round and then you will feel the benefit of the extra space.

Clean The Gutters

Unless you have a pair of ladders when you are viewing a property, it is not always possible to look at the state of the gutters. This is quite a simple job to do but can save you getting watermarks on the outside and inside of your new home.

Often, wearing a pair of rubber gloves and pulling any debris out is enough, but if there is a lot, you may find a trowel helps. Then run some water through them with a hose. Not a great deal is needed, just enough for you to see if the gutters are leaking anywhere. If they are, get them repaired before they can cause any damage.

This is another job you should do every year and possibly twice a year if there are a lot of trees in the location you live.

Touch Up The Paintwork

Paintwork that is peeling does not only look shabby, it means the paint is not providing the protection to the wood underneath that it should. Any areas that are small just sand, prime and paint, but if there is a large area, it is probably worth doing the whole affected wall.

Routine maintenance does not have to take a lot of time or cost a fortune, but can save you both of those things if you keep your property up to scratch.

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