A house renovation is going to take a lot of potential quality time out of your home, and that means you’re going to have to tidy up and prepare for it accordingly. Sure, you’ve going to be getting a new and improved living space after all the work is over, but you don’t want any of your possessions getting damaged in the process. All in all, that’s going to make the entire ordeal a lot more expensive.

So, if you’re someone who has no idea where to start with clearing out your rooms, and you’ve got the workmen coming round tomorrow morning to get started, here’s a quick checklist to help you out. Why not grab yourself some boxes before you start to make the removal and transportation easier, and then get a sharpie to note down on the box what’s inside!

Once a room has been stripped down to its bare bones, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! (Image)

Take Everything Off of the Walls

The pictures and paintings lining your walls aren’t going to be safe enough to stay up there - not whilst potential masonry pieces and flecks of pain could be falling all over them. So you’re going to need to strip the decorations you’ve got around the room that’s being renovated, even if it’s just a certain half of the room that’s changing, or you’re just getting a new carpet fitted.

Lay Down Some Sheets

Next up is to lay some protective coverings over the floor that’s going to be worked all over, and you can never be sure the company you’re using to renovate your house is going to do so for you. Usually this is standard practice, but be sure to ask if that’s something you’re worried about!

But apart from that, you’re going to want some sheets in the other areas of your home that are going to receive some heavy footfall over the next few days or months. Workmen boots can be caked in all kinds of wet materials and dried off flakes of old paint and plaster - you don’t want that mess spreading throughout the rest of your home.

Get Your Stuff Packed Away Safe

The final point is to make sure you’ve got a good system for removing and keeping your possessions safe. You want to know you can immediately get all the right things back into the right places, to be sure your life and home atmosphere won’t be disrupted for any longer.

Think about what would be most practical here. If you’ve got a garage that has a bit of room to it, great. But if that renovation work you’re about to go through is quite lengthy, as an extension or a conversion tend to be, then look into some professional remove and store companies to help you out.

House renovations can be quite hefty to live with, so make sure you’ve got the space all ready to go in advance. It’ll make the recovery easier too!

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