We’re not going to suggest that every family holiday you go on is going to be perfect, because it’s just not! Some holiday’s you will come back from, and all you’ll do is complain that it was a complete nightmare. You had a huge flight delay, the hotel room was cramped, the food was poor, the weather was rubbish, one of the kids got hurt…does this not sound like your typical family holiday!? So much more seems to go wrong compared to the holiday’s you would take as a younger couple, which is typical considering there is hyperactive children involved! So, what would make a perfect family holiday!? Well, we know a few things that might just make it the best, so have a read on if you want to have the perfect family holiday this year.

Forget Going Abroad

So, all of the things we listed that could be a nightmare in the opening paragraph, all involve you hopping on a plane to your next destination. But, who is to say that the perfect family holiday has to be abroad? In fact, think of all of the hassle you’ll save if you just stick to your home country. No waiting for the flight, no stressing about what the kids are doing, no airport meltdowns… the dream is here! So, what we would suggest is a little camping trip. If you check out companies such as 4WD Supacentre, you’ll be able to find a range of different camping equipment. Once you’ve got that, all you need to do is find the perfect location that will have plenty to do. Pack the car, drive to it, and have a perfect holiday. You cut out so much fuss and hassle, although we would recommend doing a trial run of setting up the tent. There’s nothing worse than arguing over what pole goes where and having a tent meltdown!

If You’re Hopping On A Plane, Be Prepared!

So, if camping just isn’t your style, and you know that you’re going to be hopping on a plane pretty soon, then be prepared. You need to have absolutely everything printed, in a folder, and organised so that the airport is a breeze. Once you’re through security, use food and exploration to keep the kids entertained. As for the flight, it all depends on the length of the flight you’re going on. If it’s long haul, the airline should provide little activities for your children, and there will be plenty of kids films on the TV’s. But, be prepared!! Have plenty of colouring books, toys, and anything else that you know they love to make sure they’re entertained. Having a travel pillow with you as well for their comfort will also help for when they need to sleep!

Minimal Family Drama

The perfect family holiday isn’t going to happen if there isn’t minimal family drama. But, when younger children are involved, it’s hard for this not to happen. We would advise that you fill the holiday with activities to keep them entertained, take them for naps in the afternoon as you would if you were at home, and encourage them into the kids clubs of the hotels. They’ll be able to make some friends, it’ll give you some time with your partner, and everyone wins!

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