When you have a baby or go through a pregnancy, your body changes. It’s inevitable. Even if you don’t end up with stretchmarks and cellulite, you do end up with a wider pelvis due to the bones softening for birth. You do end up with boobs that aren’t quite in the same place they were when you got pregnant in the first place. You do end up with a stomach that looks a little, well, different. The pressure to get yourself back to the gym-honed bunny you were before you had a child is insane, with social media snapping at your heels, reminding you that you’re not the maven you once were. However, the key to staving off depression after birth and feeling good about yourself isn’t always locked in the articles that tell you how to drop twenty pounds in a week. The key is in embracing the post baby body that you WANT, not the one that people tell you to have.

Silhouette of Pregnant Standing on Seashore during Golden Hour

Let’s face it; you can be in either the best shape of your life six months after birth, or you won’t be. Either way, it’s absolutely okay to acknowledge your post-baby body. You have grown and built a human from scratch, so you can do whatever you want with your body afterwards – you’re already superwoman. So, if embracing your post-baby body is rebuilding yourself to be better than your pre-pregnancy glory, then that’s exactly what you should do. If not, then you can stay in your post-baby comfort while you catch up to the night feeds and incessant rocking of the baby. Some people like to hit the gym as early as possible after a baby, because feeling normal when life has imploded is so important for some women. The routine of going to the gym can give them something that’s just for them, which is vital for a new mother.
Other women choose to breastfeed, having heard the benefits for both the baby and the level of calories that get burned off with each feed. It’s a good way to control pregnancy weight gain after birth, and if the gym isn’t your thing and you still want to smooth those curved edges, you can find out more at to figure out whether you can use cosmetic surgery as a workable answer to your post-baby equation. It’s important to know that not every woman bounces back after birth, and those that do still take a few weeks to get there. You have to have the strength of spirit to know that there’s more going on in life right now with your new baby to consider losing weight.

The way that you have to handle your body after your baby, is to embrace it. You’ve had a human emerge from your body – whether conventionally or through the sunroof – and this is a huge and monumental change for you. Social media matters not; your body is your palace, tone and treat it as you please to be the healthiest version of you.

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