Amelia is going to be 9 months old in a couple of days so I thought i'd do a little 9 month update.

She's crawling now, shes into everything! She's going so well with her eating, shes loving food right now. Amelia is still teeny tiny, shes just gone into 3-6 months clothing.

She's doing so well, shes super chatty and she's got such a cheeky attitude. I've just gone back to work and she's going to her nanny's two days a week. She loves going and I think it's really good for us to have a little separation. She's gone up to the next group in Gymboree which she's loving. I love that she can just go and crawl and get into everything, it's so cute.

Amelia has been to her first birthday party, it was her friend Jack's 2nd birthday!

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