I was talking to my sister the other day about useful gifts. Amelia is such a lucky baby and we are very lucky to have such wonderful people around us who wanted to give us and Amelia gifts. I had a baby shower so was gifted alot of products at that and then we received more gifts when she was born and then even more for Christmas.

I thought i'd share a few nice gift ideas and some useful gifts. Are you someone who usually buys a blanket or a comforter or teddy? Amelia has so many blankets and even more soft toys, it just seems a waste because there are some that she will never play with or use the same with the blankets, she just has so many and we use them alot but we tend to have our favourites that we stick to.

If you want to buy a soft cuddly toy why not opt for a personalised teddy like this bunny from My1stYears, it's abit more personal and will be a lovely keepsake.

These little Enamel Pins from Old English Company are a lovely gift idea for an expecting or new mum. They will look fab on a changing bag or mum can pop them on her favourite jacket! Head over to the Old English Company website to enter their competition to win a set of Enamel Pins including this 'The no sleep gang' one pictured above.

One of my friends bought us some weaning bits for Christmas and it was such a good gift. Weaning just kind of springs up on you and all of a sudden you need to buy bowls, spoons, cups, highchairs, bibs etc and it becomes quite over-whelming and expensive. We have these munchkin spoons and they are really good. We picked up a few bits from Boots, mostly Nuby, Munchkin and Boots own brand bits. They actually have their baby event on right now so you can save yourself some money.

The Lamaze toys are amazing, Amelia loves them. She has a couple of things and my sister has the peacock and Amelia loves that too! I'm going to buy her one on payday. They are really bright and colourful and have lots of sensory bits for baby to play with. I spotted a few of the Lamaze toys on 2 for £15 over on Argos which is a bargain as they usually retail for around £11+ each. Clint's mom actually bought Amelia a Lamaze toy for Christmas and she loves it! We didn't open it right away and it was lovely having it in her room and when I thought she was ready and would appreciate it I got it out of the box and didn't have to worry about popping to the shop or spending money on toys.

We were bought lots and lots of bubble bath, shampoo and baby lotions etc... alot of it was Johnsons and I know there's lots of controversy about Johnsons not being great for baby as it can be drying. I have really sensitive skin so there was a good chance Amelia would too, she actually has eczema so I ended up giving so so much Johnsons stuff away, we were actually told by the HV not to use it on Amelia. I was gifted some bits from Burts Bee's and Child's Farm and i'd really recommended buying something from one of these brands if you wanted to buy skincare bits as a gift.

I'm loving this Print from Old English Company, they have lots of other prints to choose from, it's another nice keepsake gift to receive. The parents can pop them up in the nursery and they will be there for a good few years. It's a nice gift and makes the nursery look more finished and personal.

I hope you liked my gift ideas. I think they would make lovely gifts for a baby shower or to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. You don't need to spend loads of money, all of these gifts are very affordable. I don't want to sound unappreciative but we got so so many useless gifts and I feel bad that people wasted money. I have already donated things that we haven't used so that less fortunate people can benefit from these things.

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