Amelia is 5 months old today! So I thought i'd share some of her developments and whats been going on! I planned on doing regular updates but time is seriously flying by!

I thought it would be a good time to update you as it's just got hard!!

This month Amelia stopped sleeping through, she had started sleeping through and the health visitor said it was ok for me to leave her to sleep as we were originally waking her to feed. It was lovely getting a little extra sleep and suddenly she started waking up. She's having a bottle and going back to sleep so shes just needing a little extra milk, It's normal. Alot of my friends had talked about 4 month sleep regression and I didn't believe it but it's real! She slept till 6:30 this morning so i'm hoping thats it and shes going to start sleeping through again.

Shes been teething for over a month, her cheeks get red and she gets grumpy. So far we've used dentinox and bonjela. I'm finding these help a little but have just bought the Ashton and Parsons powder after lots of recommendations. She has loads of teething toys but she prefers to much on her hands or her clothes.

Shes got much much bigger shes doing some serious growing now, she's finally in her 0-3 clothing.
I think the extra bottles in the night are helping. She's become quite fussy with her bottles in the day but I think theres just too much going on sometimes and she gets distracted.

Shes trying to roll, she's not quite there just yet but very close. She gets on  to her side easily, her arms just in the way and she hasn't worked out how to move it yet.

Food, we've actually started weaning early. She's been eyeing up our food for a while so we've been giving her some puree's i've been making them myself and shes only had Avocado or Broccoli. I've been spoon feeding her and we're hoping to try some baby led weaning once I feel she can eat more than just a puree but because we've started early i'm happy for her to just have puree for now. She loves her food!!

Amelias been quite difficult over the last two days and i'm hoping its just her teeth bugging her, i've bought the teething powder to see if that soothes her. I will try and do another update next month and i'll share how we're getting on with weaning and her teeth.

Thats everything so far, Thanks for reading!

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