We have been using the Ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle and Sleep bag with Amelia since she was two weeks old. Up to this point we were swaddling her with blankets. I was abit worried about using a sleeping bag with Amelia because she was so small I felt like they would just swamp her but the Ergopouch was perfect. It's a size 0-3 month so it's smaller than the other sleeping bags on the market that seem to be size 0-6.

The Ergopouch sleep bag fitted Amelia really well. It has poppers on the arms so I could tighten the arms so it fits her better and stops it from moving around. I like this feature because I could tighten the fit but also I have the poppers open now that Amelia is bigger.
It zips down the front and you can upzip it easily for nighttime changes. We found it really easy to change Amelia throughout the night. We were having to wake her up for feeds for a while so we were waking every 3-4 hours so we changed her alot throughout the night.

We have only just started using some of our other sleeping bags as Amelia is now 9lb 4oz and I think they fit her now. So she has only been wearing the Ergopouch pretty much every night since she was born. We have washed it nearly every single day and it still looks like new. It has bobble slightly but you would expect this with something thats been washed so much. The colour still looks great and all the zips and poppers look intact.

We have the 2.5 tog bag as we knew Amelia was due in November so would need a winter sleeping bag. This has been perfect, it keeps her nice and toasty but not too hot or cold. The also do a 0.2 tog so thats perfect for a summer baby.

We love the Ergopouch Cocoon, we've started getting Amelia into more of a routine so we pop her in at around 8pm for her feed and we pop her into her bed. She goes down so well, I think she sleeps loads better in her sleeping bag in the night, we tend to use blankets in the day and she just kicks them off and they bug her.

I'm going to look into buying the next size up in a summer tog for Amelia as she doesn't have a summer tog yet and we've found the Ergopouch so easy to use, it's washed up really well and Amelia settles so well in it. There's lots of other products on the Ergopouch website and they seem to have lots of promotions over on their site too so check them out.

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