If you have read my breastfeeding story then you will know that we had intended to breastfeed Amelia but she wouldn't latch. We were combination feeding at first and now she is only having formula. I was reluctant to buy things like a Sterilizer and bottles because I didn't think we would need them but we were very lucky to receive some products from Mam which was a lifesaver when we got home from the hospital.

First up is the Mam 6 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer*, it was really easy to put together and set up. We hadn't even got it out of the box but managed to get it set up once we got home with Amelia. Aswell as being a Sterilizer it's also a bottle warmer, Defrost & food warmer and Keep warm function. Amelia is now 12 weeks old so we've been using it everyday for the last 12 weeks. It's so easy to use, you can sterilize about 4/5 bottles at a time, right now Amelia is still drinking from smaller bottles. It only takes 3 minutes to Sterilize and a couple of minutes to cool down and dry the bottles. It's not very bulky so it doesn't take up loads of room in my kitchen and it's a nice simple design. 

We've also been using the Mam bottles. We were kindly sent a pack of 3 Easy Start Anti Colic bottles * and we got 2 in the Sterilizer aswell as a couple of small bottles that we were given at The Baby Show. I had a couple of other bottles just incase Amelia didn't like the Mam ones but she took the Mam bottle right away and we haven't had any problems at all. She was only taking 3 ounces for a while so these smaller bottles were perfect, they fit in my changing bag really easily, shes now taking 4 ounces so we wont be able to use these for much longer so we need to pick up some of the bigger bottles. I think they are really affordable and Mam do so really great bottle sets where you get a good selection of different sizes. They have kept really well and look brand new even though we've been using them for 12 weeks and they have been sterilized alot. 

We also use a soother with Amelia, again we use the Mam ones and she took to these really well. I didn't want to use a soother but wasn't completely against the idea. We didn't use them for a couple of weeks but I found Amelia would cry out for food and she would stress herself out and scream so much whilst she was waiting for us to sort out her bottle and cool it down etc where as the dummy would soothe her whilst she waited for her bottle. We've found she likes the dummy to soothe her at bedtime too. They have lasted well and still look brand new. 

We picked up the Mam powder box in Boots for when were out and about. It's really handy and easy to use. Each compartment can contain up to 40g of milk powder, which means it is also suitable for storing a variety of snacks, soothers and bottle teats. Again it fits easily into my changing bag. 

I'm loving all of the Mam products we've tried so far, as I mentioned above we need to get some of the bigger bottles for when Amelia starts drinking 5oz so I've been keeping an eye out for those and I might grab her a few new dummies too. 

* This post contains pr samples

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