Incase you didn't know I recently had a baby, (HELLO AMELIA ) and I'm hoping to start featuring some kind of parenting / new baby type of blog posts. I want to write updates about Amelia and document this time as a new parent. I also want to write product reviews and share products that I would recommend buying and products that I think are a waste of money. I will still be featuring beauty, fashion and lifestyle on my blog and I will try and alternate my posts so it's not all baby posts or all beauty etc. Please give me some time to get back into blogging as I've been pretty absent since having Amelia as sitting down to blog is hard when you have a needy newborn who doesn't want to be put down

Today I want to review some of the Burts Bees baby range as this is pretty much what we've used on Amelia since she was born. I did try and refrain from using any products at all, just water for the first couple of weeks because her skin is quite sensitive. I found her hair was looking quite greasy and wanted to use a shampoo on her. We had quite a big selection of baby products to choose from ( she literally has more shampoo, bath products, cleansers, creams than me) I opted for Burts Bees because they are a natural brand and I was hoping she wouldn't have any kind of reaction to their products.
I tried the shampoo first and she seemed to be fine so I continued to use this. It cleans her hair well, it lathers up well and you only need a tiny bit so a little goes a long way. It smells nice, the fragrance is very subtle and gentle. I only need to wash her hair once, maybe twice a week ( shes quite a sicky baby and manages to get sick everywhere) This is also a wash you can use it all over which is very handy. It leaves Amelia's skin feeling soft and clean. We have a few other shampoo products to use up but I think I will repurchase the shampoo and wash as I know it works really well for Amelia. Burts Bees products are easy to get hold of as they are usually stocked in Boots and Holland and Barrett

Once we had used the shampoo and was happy that she didn't have any reactions etc we tried the bubble bath, I pretty much use this everytime she has a bath, again you only need a little bit as they don't have much water in the bath. It's a lovely fresh, gentle scent. It creates some lovely bubbles which makes bathtime a little more fun for your little one. You can use the suds to wash baby. Amelia loves bath time so it's nice to have lovely products like these to use one her.

Both of the products are mild and tear free so you don't have to worry too much about it going in their eyes. I have a few other products from the Burts Bees baby range to try and i'm looking forward to giving them ago.

* This post contains pr samples.

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