In today's post I want to talk about staying positive and ways in which I think you can stay positive and increase your productivity in 2018. I'm going to include a few products to help you stay organised and things you can do to make 2018 the best year yet!

First up it's the 18th of January so you should all have a brand new diary and calendar, if not you need to go and get one. I think writing down things really helps me stay productive and I like to tick things off and this keeps me on track. I also keep a note of any appointments etc, coffee with friends so i'm super productive and know what i'm doing from one day to the next. If I have a free day then I can use this for blogging and i'll usually write a list of blog posts I want to write or write a list of products I need to review so i've always got something to write about. I also use the calendar and notes on my phone but I find actually writing things in my diary and on my calendar works better for me. There's lots of lovely planners around like The Happiness Planner and these ones from Dot Creates and so if you work from home or like having a big diary I think they are great and have lots of sections to keep you organised. 

Next up why not invest in a new wardrobe, get yourself some nice new clothes that you will be proud to be seen in. If you work in an office get yourself a nice new jacket or suit. This will make you feel really confident, and ready to get that promotion this year. If you are self-employed even though you don't wear a uniform appearing clean and professional is a good way to get new commissions, work etc, even if you just invest in a new dress, pair of jeans or a new coat. 

Having a positive mental attitude is going to boost positivity and productivity this year. Why not join the gym or start going for a run, I find exercise a really good way of thinking and i've come up with some really good ideas whilst i've been out for a jog. Exercise can also help you sleep better which is another benefit and another way to boost your positive attitude. 
Start doing yoga, have a massage, go for a walk around a park, just take some time out for you. Personal well-being is very important and looking after yourself should be a priority this year.  

Healthy eating is another good way of staying positive, I always have a 'lets do this' attitude when i'm eating well. I'm always very motivated to do well. Sugary and fatty foods can make you feel sluggish and can leave you feeling tired and irritated.  

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