I've been using the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation for a while now, I've actually just repurchased it and realised that i'd never reviewed it on my blog. So I thought i'd share my thoughts with you and finally review it.

I have it in shade 2 which is a light shade, I was actually matched up a while ago but am still happy with this shade. It's a natural shade and I can easily use bronzer to add abit of colour. They have 24 shades to choose from

The packaging is gorgeous and I like that it has a pump and lid as you can easily throw it in your make up bag and you don't need to worry about accidents happening. The pump gives you a good amount of product, I find that one pump pretty much does my whole face. I tend to go for a natural coverage but I know my sister uses a few more pumps and builds up a fuller coverage. I use a buffing brush or sometimes a stippling brush to apply and I love the natural finish this gives. It's really easy to build up and if i'm having a bad skin day or going out I'll put a little more on for a fuller coverage.

The product blends really well and looks so natural. It's not cakey at all and doesn't sit on the skin. It sinks in well and leaves the skin looking flawless. I have quite dry skin with some combination areas and I find this works really well for me. It doesn't go patchy at all. It's so easy to apply and work into the skin. I use this along side my Collection lasting perfection concealer and it's the perfect base. It dries into the skin very fast and then i'll usually apply a setting powder and my contour for everyday.

As I mentioned above I've just repurchased this foundation and I don't do that very often.I quite like trying out different brands and foundations but I found this ticked all of the boxes and is a really good everyday foundation. I find it really easy to apply and it always looks good. I have had so many reviews about looking radiant and healthy since i've started using this foundation.

It's £29 for the bottle which I think is really reasonable and is much cheaper that foundations I was using before and the pump is already attached so you don't have to spend extra money buying this. I've used the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray before and really like this for nights out, i'd love to try out a few more bits and see what I think.

I have seen mixed reviews on this foundation so it's worth checking out a few reviews. As I mentioned above I have dry skin and I find it doesn't cling to any dry patches but I've seen reviews saying people don't get on well with it. Maybe try a sample first and see how your skin reacts. I took a risk and just picked it up in store and I love it.

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