I thought i'd share a couple of goodies i've been trying out over the last couple of weeks. I've never heard of Pure Chimp before but I was very interested when I found out that they stock Natural products like this cleanser and shampoo bar and they kindly sent me a couple of bits to try out.

The Pure Chimp Super Cleanser is very different to my usual cleansers, I tend to go for cream cleansers or oil cleansers. This has a more solid form and you mix it with water to create a paste and then put this straight onto the skin and massage. This is a really lovely gentle product which draws out impurities. The texture of the products makes it feel like your exfoliating the skin and getting rid of that dead skin too which is great. You rinse with cool water, I tend to use a cloth to make sure i've removed it all. It smells incredible, seriously it's gorgeous. It's a lovely sweet scent, it's kind of fruity and nutty and it's just gorgeous. Really like this product and I think the jar would last a really long time as you only need a tiny pinch of product so it's a great value for money too!

Next up i've been trying the Super Shampoo Bar too, I love shampoo bars, I've tried a few from Lush in the past. This one is really easy to use and did not disappoint. I've actually been struggling with my scalp recently as it's gone very dry. This was lovely, really gentle so great for sensitive skin. You lather it up with water and it's so foamy you get some great bubbles and again a little goes a long way. It leaves the hair squeaky clean and nice and shiny. It leaves your hair smelling lovely as it contains banana extract. It's a really lovely product and again a great value for money as a little goes a long way.

If you like your natural products and want to try something new then check out the Pure Chimp website for more Natural Skincare. They also stock a selection of Matcha Green tea and 5% of their profits go to charity which is fab so i'd recommend checking them out!

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