from left to right: Ecotools Brush Multitasking brush , Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered Blush,  Spectrum powder brush, spectrum blending friend, Real Techniques Bold Metals pointed crease, Real Techniques blusher brush, Real Techniques blending brush. 

I thought i'd share some of my favourite make up brushes with you, since I started using make up brushes i've noticed a huge difference in my make up and it looks so much better. I have always stuck to high street brushes and don't really use any high end make up brushes. My favourite brush for foundation is this EcoTools brush, the bristles are not really close and are really light so you get a lovely light, natural finish. You can use this brush for blusher, bronzer and powder not just foundation. I use the Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques Tapered Blush for my concealer, and highlight. I tend to use it to blend my concealer as its a lovely buffing kind of brush and it buffs out your concealer so it's perfect. It's a little big for the inner eye but I love it for under the eye. I've just started using the Becca highlighter, you can read my review here. I've found this brush is perfect for applying highlighter to the cheekbones. The Real Techniques pointed crease brush from the Bold Metals collection is such a good little brush, amazing if you struggle with a smokey eye as it makes working product into the crease so so easy. Another eyeshadow brush that I love is the Spectrum blending brush, I love using it to blend eyeshadow out for a more subtle smokey eye.  The Real Techniques brushes are such a good value for money, i've had this eyeshadow buffing brush and Blusher brush for years. They have been washed so many times are are still my favourites and are in such good condition.

I love my brush collection, I use alot of Spectrum eyeshadow brushes and have a some more Real Technique brushes and EcoTools in my collection. I have looked into buying new brushes a few times, I like the look of Crown Brushes and Sigma brushes but now i'm happy with my trusty old high street faves.

What are your favourite make up brushes ? Have you tried any from Crown or Sigma and would you recommend?

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