I'm a sucker for a blogger buy and bright packaging so it's no surprise that this ended up in my basket. Boots are always doing 3 for 2 so it was inevitable that I would buy this. 

Its a 'pore eraser lightweight primer' 

Honestly i'm not a massive fan, it doesn't do anything for my pores and it isn't a very good primer. In my opinion a primer should prepare the skin for make up application and make your make up last longer and stay longer. I feel when I wear this that my make up seems to go patchy in areas and come off easier. 

As I said above it also doesn't do anything for my pores. It makes my skin feel soft and flawless but it doesn't fill my pores therefore it leaves my skin pretty much the same as if I used no primer. 

I will continue trialing this but honestly it does nothing for me and at £7.99 I think it's not worth the money. 

It might be different for your skin and if you have had different results i'd love to hear but i'm not impressed ! 


Poptartsandsex said...

I've read so many great reviews for this, but I'm surprised with your review. It's sort of made me not want to get this!


Kerro said...

I was thinking of getting this as I am noticing my pores more when I put makeup on! I figured it might be better then the benefit one (and cheaper) but I am glad I didn't get it now!