Illamasqua Pure Pigment - £16.50 

This is one of the two items I picked up from the Illamasqua Sale. I haven't bought anything from Illamasqua before so I was really excited when I heard about their sale. I didn't know what to expect when I added this to my basket but i'm so glad I did.

Furore is a nice golden colour with pinkish tones. Its a little off orange in shade. It's a nice neutral colour. Theres alot of shimmer in this shade. I love it. I think its such a lovely colour. I like to wear it alone and I like to build up a smokey-eye with it.

It's so pigmented ! You really don't need to use alot of product, So I think it's well worth the money, i'd really like to add a few more of these to my collection. I got this in the Sale so it was like half price.

I like the packaging, i'm a real fan of simple packaging and I think Illamasqua do this really well.

Its full price online now but I really do love this... I will be looking at other colours and hope I can pick a few up.

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