AHH Look how beautiful this palette is!! In fact Clarins whole spring range is beautiful. Such luxurious packaging and beautiful colours. This palette is such a lovely size for me as I stay at my boyfriends alot so i'm always moving my make up back and forth. This is the perfect size to fit in my every day make up bag.

I really like lilac eyeshadows and I haven't worn it for awhile. This palette comes with a little card showing you how to create a smokey-eye using this which is really helpful.

This is a wet and dry palette meaning you can add water to a shade for a more creamy eyeshadow effect.

There's alot of pigment in the shadows meaning you don't need alot of product when applying. The colours are really nice. I like the shimmery silver colour of the highlighting shade and the shimmery aspect of the dark grey shade.

This is a really lovely product and I would really consider purchasing this in a different colour maybe a more neutral quartet.

I will be reviewing some more items from the Clarins Spring range.

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