REVIEW: Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner

 Seventeen High Drama eyeliner- £3.99 - Boots 

I went to Boots the other day to pick up some bits and pieces like deodorant and shaving foam. Boring stuff really but I couldn't help but take a peek down the beauty aisles.

I needed a new eyeliner so picked up this Seventeen one. I usually buy the Rimmel exaggerate eyes one which is £5.49 so I decided to try the Seventeen one instead.

Considering its the 'blackest black' shade its not that black. I think it lasts really well and doesn't irritate my eyes which is something I have to be careful with because I have a lot of allergies and it makes my eyes stream.

I don't think i'd buy this eye liner again but it will do and I will continue to use it until it runs out.
It's good if your not too bothered about the shade of your eyeliner however I like mine to be really black.

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