Lisa Shepherd Salon

I was very excited when I  received a lovely email from the gorgeous salon manager Olivia from Birmingham's Lisa Shepherd Salon inviting me to try out the Color Bar.

The L/S / Redken express colour bar is a really amazing idea. You can get your hair coloured in under an hour and if your hair isn't finished within an hour then you get your money back.

Theres a range of treatments available at the Colour Bar and at amazing prices.

The treatment I had is Catwalk Color which is what you would have if you wanted an ombre style. I had a more natural color on top and using a rough technique the colour was dragged down into the length of my hair. I really wanted a more natural hair colour and wanted it to appear more like my natural hair color.

I arrived at the Salon and was introduced to the lady who was going to do my treatment. We discussed what I wanted and the best route to take. We agreed on a treatment and she went off to mix my colour. She came back and applied the colour to my hair. I had to leave it on for 30 minutes and then she washed it out.

They have an area where you can use the hairdryers and straighteners so you can style your hair how you like it. I think this is a fabulous idea as I don't really like people touching my hair and it means that if your in a rush or if your just going to wash your hair when you get home you could maybe just dry it or even just leave it wet.

The Color Bar treatments are great for those quick touch up's and you should go into the Salon for some kind of consultation before you book as the Color Bar may not be the best treatment for you or you may need to have your treatment done in the Salon first and then you can use the Color Bar to keep on top of your colour.

I would definitely recommend the Color Bar if your after a quick fix say if you need to go in your lunch break or if you don't want to pay over the odds! I think the Root Rage treatment is such a bargain at £15 if like me you just like to colour your roots.

You can upgrade your treatment and get a blow dry included, so say your off on a night out and fancy being pampered.

I loved having my hair done and I will be going to have it maintained from now on.

* I was given the chance to have my hair treatment done for free. I want to ensure you guys that this review is my true thoughts on my treatment and I will be returning for further treatments that I will be paying for.

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