OUTFIT POST: It's So Fluffy!

 Jumper : The Ragged Priest // Skirt: Primark // Necklace: River Island

I went to the Clothes Show Live on Sunday with Emma and Shay and didn't really have a lot of money to spend with Christmas around the corner.

I did pick up this gorgeous jumper from The Ragged Priest which was an absolute bargain at £15. It's a lovely sweater-like design with this soft rough textured fur which I love. It's cropped so looks really cute with mini-skirts like this aztec patterned one from Primark which was only £10. I've popped on my chunky River Island necklace and I think this works really well.

I'll be doing a separate post about what  I bought at the clothes show and what I thought of the clothes show.


Anonymous said...

I love your jumper! It's perfect for winter!

Emma x

char said...

Lovely jumper. All I can think about is that unicorn now! :)
I've only been once to the clothes show, and wasn't that great a fan, tbh.