REVIEW; Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

rrp: boots £6.99 superdrug £4.99

i bought this the other day after seeing a women apply it on the train and it seemed to apply so nice and natural. I went straight to boots and picked it up and then as i walked pass superdrug noticed the price difference!

you shake the tin and the foam comes out and expands on your hand, i didnt really like the way it rubbed into my skin but i do have problems with liquid foundations - (when i apply to my skin it just looks blotchy because i have such oily skin) when i put it on my hand it rubbed in so nice and also when i tried it on my sister it rubbed in much better - i guess if you usually use liquid base foundation you would be fine

for £5 its a nice foundation - its a great idea it does make the skin look quite natural. once i put my blusher and powder on i was really happy with the look- it lasted all day and i still have good coverage now.

overall ; i use mineral foundations so this might not be for me but whilst i continue my hunt for a new foundation i will use it and see if my applying liquid foundation skills improve.

have you used this foundation what do you think?

I have lost my foundation brush and am considering getting some real techniques anyone used them/ would reccommend?

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